Biological Racism


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Match the Historian - Rise of Biological Racism

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Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (Rethinking Racism 1997)

Douglas Lorimer (Colour, Class and the Victorians 1978)

David Davis (Slavery and Human Progress 1984)

Christine Bolt (Victorian Attitudes to Race 1971)

Seymour Drescher (The Ending of the Slave Trade 1990)

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Upper classes had concerns over their proletariats revolting for the same liberties granted to free slaves.

Concisely defines biological racism as 'A dogma that an ethnic group is condemned by nature to inferiority and another group is destined to superiority.’

In USA over 60% of free African-Americans compared to 0.2% in Britain. Confusing that biological racism should see such popularity in Britain.

Most influential to this was Darwin’s theory of natural selection and survival of the fittest that gave credence to polygenist views of white European superiority.

Biological racism in 19thc ‘a perplexing and disturbing development’.