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Shirley Nelson Garner

Helen Hackett

Stanley Wells

Charles Knight

Stanley Wells

Harold Jenkins

Mathew Woodcock

Betrand Evans

Peter Holland

Jan Kott

Harold Bloom

Nigel Alexander

George Brandes

Peter Cash

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Interpreted the play as a female power struggle

A play in which the situation holds some threat of disaster but issues it in the achievement of disaster

We should view the fairies as neither good or bad

Shakespeare saw that our moods and passions have their root in the unconscious

'Shakespeare's most erotic play'

The man who has done more than most to make us understand what it is to be human

Titania's line present a poetic image of confusion within a world of nature

Shakespeare creates an environment in which the comic effects can flourish even in the dark moments

rejects the prevailing notion that sexual violence and bestiality are at the center of this humane and wise play

The comedy lies in the disjunction between himself (Bottom) and his existence beyond the bounds of his own competence

Shakespeare seeks to make fun of the human tendency to fall in love solely on the evidence of their sense

Bottom the weaver is representative of the whole human race

Elizabeth's repressed sexuality was displaced onto Titania

Many of Shakespeare's plays offer the platonic triangle