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 Term Paper on Theology and Religion Studies

Term Paper on Theology and Religion Studies

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    Theology and Religion Studies Term Paper Topics

    • Analysis of Chapter 3 of The Book of Job.

    This is an analysis of Chapter 3 of the Book of Job. The themes here are longing for death, death would be better than life, light and darkness, and all there is right now is trouble and suffering. The most important theme is the meaning of suffering and the contradiction in it.

    • Analysis of Global Ethics.

    This paper will discuss global ethics and reveal the nature of a world that may be on the verge of a homogenous mixture of world religions and the uniting of them into a cohesive whole. By using an example of the book Sourcebook of the world's religions, we can see how in Chapter 20 and 22: The Parliaments and the Quest for a Global Ethic, that the worlds is become better at communicating this change in world thinking in today's scope of religious thought. This topic will be discussed and brought out into the open by revealing the nature of global ethics in this paper.

    • Ancient Religions.

    A dialogue narration of various ancient gods and leaders arguing the purpose of life and how it relates to human behavior. 

    • Angelology.

    Choosing this topic to write my paper a writer looks at the theory of angelology, several questions are being raised throughout the paper these are : What is the origin of angels? Can we become angels? What is the duty/purpose of angels? How have angels interacted with people from Genesis to Revelation? The paper uses biblical references to discuss and answer these questions and also other references to show the meaning of the word angels and how angels have a definitive role within the bible.

    • Angels Watching Over Me

    This paper takes a brief look at the fascinating study of Angels. It explains where they come from, what their intended purpose, how they have helped humans throughout the Bible, and discusses whether or not they should be worshiped as a being, all according to and referenced with biblical texts. The concept of knowing that God sent Angels to watch over all of us is what inspired the title.

    1. Angels: An Analysis of Existence and Belief

    This twelve page paper examines why ever since ancient times, philosophers and theologians have taught that unless there is meaning and purpose in people’s lives, that unless they understand why they suffer, rejoice, toil, and exert themselves, they will never comprehend the meaning of life and will not truly live, but merely exist. People are never satisfied with merely existing. On their journey between birth and death, they want to know why they exist, and many look to angels for personal assurance and guidance in their lives because God seems so remote and inaccessible.

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