Criminal Procedure Law ARTICLE *CRIMINAL RULES 200: 6 Quick/Matching Questions.


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match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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criminal rules 200.2. A term of the court is a__ week session.

criminal rules 200.2. There are___times in a year.

criminal rules 200.5. Each attorney must file a notice of appearance on or before the attorneys first appearance in action, or not later than___days after appointment or retainer, whichever is sooner.

criminal rules 200.3. papers filed in a criminal court must comply with ______ ______.

criminal rules 200.4. Generally all papers for signature or judge's consideration must be presented to the CLERK at the appropriate courtroom office. IF the clerk is unavailable OR the judge so directs, papers may be submitted to the judge AND a copy filed with___ ______ at the first opportunity.

criminal rules 200.7. CLERKS in criminal parts (or other designated persons in various court rules) may administer oaths, take acknowledgments, and_____ ___ __________ __ ____ ___________ ________ ___ ______ _______________.

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4 week

sign the process of the court under the seal thereof.

The clerk

CPLR 2101.

13 terms

10 days