Company Introduction

Lesson 1 

 About Haakon

Meaning of "Haakon"

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    HAAKON (pronounced Haaw-kawn) is a Norwegian name that symbolizes strength, in-line with our mantra of healthy life, strong body, and peace in mind.  In other words, eat well, be well and be strong mentally, spiritually and physically!

    Haakon Superfoods & Juice is a fusion cafe, merging Scandinavian simplicity with modern health approaches of superfoods (foods high in minerals, vitamins & anti-oxidants) and clean eating (in the form of healthy salads for the calorie/nutrient conscious).

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    We Specialize in

    1.  delicious and hearty salad

    2.  brunch

    3.  grain bowl

    4.  smorrebrod

    5. acai bowl

    6. smoothies and juice

    7. coffee and tea

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    This stuff is straight forward, our juices are designed to be unique, refreshing, tasty, and full of nutrients!

    And the most important is there is NO sugar or any sweetener added!!


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