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 A major goal of Liberalism

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    A major goal of Liberalism

    A major goal of liberalism was the establishment of a constitutional state based on the rule of law. For Kant, a written constitution was the best means of protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens and thus establishing legal certainty - pay someone to do my assignment : The constitution should regulate social coexistence through laws according to the principles of reason, while the individual conduct of citizens' lives is bound only to (bourgeois) morality.

    Liberal thinking of the Enlightenment indispensably includes the principle of a free, democratic public sphere - philosophy homework help : Enlightenment only takes place through the exchange of reasonable arguments by autonomously judging citizens, namely through the public use of reason (hence: demand for freedom of the press).

    Liberal thinkers of the 18th and 19th centuries did not demand social equality, but the equal rights of rational citizens. However, they initially tied the right to political participation to gender, private property and education. This effectively excluded women, wage earners and the lower classes from all political rights: The main argument was that these social groups would not have the necessary independence and political judgment to participate in the political community; through proper education, they were to gradually become "responsible" citizens with equal rights. The decisive factor - english homework help , however, was the question of power: the rejection of universal and equal suffrage was related to the fear of liberal citizens of losing again the position of power they had just won through the political influence of the people (with other interests and goals).

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