Family court act article 10 concept review quick/matching questions in two separate groups for a total of 30 questions.


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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions *QUESTIONS 1-15.

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FCA 1012. Aggravated circumstances can mean where a child is severely or repeatedly abused within______ years after returning home from foster care.

FCA 1012. aggravated circumstances can mean where a parent has abandoned child under___days old with intent that shall be cared for in an appropriate manner.

FCA1014. True/false? there may be concurrent proceedings in Family Court and criminal court.

FCA 1016. Court shall appoint attorney for child on early of following: A. Emergency removal of a child, or B. Application for emergency removal of a child prior to filing of a petition, or C.__________________.

FCA 1017. In a proceeding where the court will remove a child from the home the court shall direct social services to notify any non-respond parent and suitable relatives of the pendency of the preceding an opportunity of become foster parents or seeking custody of the child. Such relatives include those identified by child __________ _____ ______ __ ___ as being significant in the child's life.

FCA 1021. What a peace officer acting pursuant to special duties, police officer, or agent of authorized agency, association or institution may temporarily remove neglected child without court order and with consent, petition must be filed within___ ________ _________ of removal and hearing shall be held no later than the next court date at the petition is filed.

FCA 1024. A peace officer, acting pursuant to the special duties or a police officer, law enforcement official, agent of duly authorized society, physician or designated employee of a city or county department of social services may remove a child_________ a court order when there is ___________ ___________ __ _____ ________ _______ ___ __________.

FCA 1026. After emergency removal of a child from home without a court order, if child is not returned to parents, a petitioner must be filed the next court date as a removal (court may order an extension of up to 3 court days after removal of child) and a hearing shall be held no later than _____ _______ ________ ____after the petitioners filed.

FCA 1028. Parent person responsible, or counsel may make application for return of child temporarily removed. Here I shall be held within __ _______ _____ of application and shall not be adjourned.

FCA 1029. Family Court, upon application of person who may originate in article 10 proceeding, may issue a TOP before or after the filing of the petition. If TOP is granted before filing of petition and then petition is not filed within ___ _________, the order shall be vacated.

FCA 1032. An abuse or neglect proceeding may be originated by 1. A child protective agency, or 2. __ ___________ ___ ____ ________ ____ ___________.

FCA 1036. The summons and petition (abuse case only) must be served within __ ________ ________ of issuance. If they cannot be served within that time, such facts must be reported to the court within __ ________ __________ of issuance.

FCA 1036. Service of a summons and petition (abuse and neglect) shall be made by delivery of a true copy to the person summoned at least___ ________ before the time stated for appearance.

FCA 1036. Service of an abuse petition upon a non-domiciliary or nonresident is required (outside NYS), service must be made within ___ ________ __ ___________.

FCA 1037 (a). Warrant shall be marked on its face "child abuse case," and what must be served within __ ______ _____ __ ___________. If not served, it must be reported to court within __ _________ ____ __ _________.

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3 court days

The next court day

10 days

5 years

5 days old

2 court days… 3 court days

A person on the court's own direction.

without… Imminent danger to the child's life or health.


Filing a petition alleging abuse or neglect.

10 days of issuance.

Over the age of 5

24 hours

3 court days

2 court days of issuance… 3 court days of issuance