Criminal Procedure Law Article 500 Concept Review *19 matching/quick questions.


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Match times to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 500.10. The principle is a defendant in a criminal action, or person adjudged to be_____.

CPL 500.10. ______means to allow a principal to be at liberty during pendency of action.

CPL 500.10.______is a principal or other person who executes a bail bond and thereby assumes the liability.

CPL 500.10. A securing order does one of these three things:

CPL 500.10. A surety is_____.

CPL 500.10. True/false? Secured bail bond can be secured personal property greater than or equal to undertaking.

CPL 500.10. Secured bail bond can be secured by real property at least____the value of the undertaking.

CPL 500.10. A partially secured bail bond secured by money not in excess of_____percent of the total amount of the undertaking.

CPL 500.10._____Means a court designates a sum of money the posting of which allows principle to be at liberty to pendency of criminal action

CPL 500.10._____Means when the court orders principal confined in custody of the sheriff during the pendency of the criminal action. *A remand.

CPL 500.10.______Means of securing order which releases a principal on his own recognizance or fixes bail.

CPL 500.10. _______Or____is an application to the court that instead of custody, it releases him on his own recognizance (ROR) or bail.*A lawyer does this.

CPL 500.10. _____ _____ means to deposit bail in amount and form fixed by the court with court or authorized agency.

CPL 500.10. _____ Means cash or bail bond.

CPL 500.10. ______ ______ is a written undertaking that principle will appear when his attendance is required and that in default there of the obligor will pay a specified amount.

CPL 500.10. ______ _______ is a bail bond in which the ONLY obligor is the principal. *The principal signs it and defend it shows up. *It can be fully,partially, or unsecured.

CPL 500.10. ______ _______is a bail bond where an obligor(s) consist of 1 or more sureties, or 1 or more sureties and principal.

CPL 500.10. _____ ______ _____ _____ is a bail bond in which the obligor is an insurance company.

CPL 500.10. ______ ______ _____ is a bail bond (other than a insurance company bail bond) that is not secured by a deposit or lien. (Not backed up by anything.)

CPL 500.10. ____ Means a judge authorized to act as described in a particular statute, though not as a court.

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1. Commits principal to custody of the sheriff, or 2. fixes bail or 3. releases him on his own recognizance

application for recognizance or bail


Insurance company bail bond

fix bail


2 times

unsecured bail bond

in obligor who is not a principal. (A third-party who promises to pay.)

Commit to the custody of the sheriff

Appearance bond


surety bond

Order of recognizance or bail


Bail bond

post bail

Release on own recognizance

A material witness.