Criminal Procedure Law ARTICLE 180: 9 Quick/Matching Questions.


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match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 180.10. True/false? A preliminary hearing must be held when a defendant is held on a felony complaint for the action of the grand jury.

CPL 180.10. True/false? At felony arraignment of securing order committing defendant to custody must be made.

CPL 180.20. True/false? Superior Court Judge sitting as LCC cannot try and action where offense charged is a felony.

CPL 180.50. True/false? if a felony complaint is replaced by misdemeanor complaint, the defendant must be arraigned upon the new accusatory instrument.

CPL 180.60. True/false? At a felony hearing the defendant MUST be present.

CPL 180.60. True/false? At a felony hearing the defendant has the right to call witnesses.

CPL 180.60.true/false? The court's determination and a felony hearing must be by proof beyond reasonable doubt.

CPL 180.75. Removal of juvenile offender case to Family Court is done pursuant to CPL____.

CPL 180.80. Defendant held on a felony complaint must be ROR if a felony hearing is not held or complaint remains undisposed for____ hours *(or_____hours,________________________).

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CPL 725.


false. he MAY call witnesses IF the court allows.


120 hours. *(Or 144 hours, if Saturday, Sunday, or holiday occurs during that period).

False. Defendant MAY waive the hearing.

false. The court's determination at a felony hearing must be by REASONABLE CAUSE TO BELIEVE.

false. The defendant MAY as a matter of right the present.

false. Securing order can ALSO fix bail or release the defendant on his own recognizance.