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Complex Fractions

Constant of Proportionality

Cross Products

Equivalent Fractions

Conversion Factor


Multiplicative Inverse

Percent Rate of Change




Similar Figures

Scale Drawing

Scale Factor

Unit Rate

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Figures that have the same shape, but are proportional.

A drawing that uses a scale to make an object smaller than or larger than the real object

A rate of change expressed as a percent

A fraction whose numerator and denominator have the same quantity, but use different units

In a porportion, the product of a numerator on one sidewith denominator on the other.

A comparison of two numbers using diivision

Constant value of the ratio of the proportional quantities x and y

A number expressed in the form a/b where a is a whole number and b is a positive whole number.

The ratio between two sets of measurements

An equation stating that 2 ratios are equvalent

A ratio that compares two quanties measured in different units

A ratio in which the second term, or denominator, is one.

Two fractions that have same value, but have different numerators and denominators

Two numbers whose product is 1.

A fraction that has a fraction in its numerator, denominator, or both.