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72% of girls get 5A*-Cs, compared to 64% of boys

Boys are 3x more likely to be excluded than girls

Women make up 83% of the care sector, compared to less than 10% of the skilled sector

Women make up 3.5% of the top bosses of the FTSE 100

38.1% of students on FSM get 5A*-Cs, compared to 64.8% not on FSM

Poorer white boys are 5x less likely to go to university than their more affluent counterparts

Poorer households are 17x more likely to be a victim of violent crime

Less than 1% of fraud cases reach conviction

51.3% of black students get 5A*-Cs

Black boys are 4-6x more likely to be excluded from school

25% of the prison population is non-white, compared to 12% of the general population

Black males are between 6-17x more likely to be stopped and searched

38% of zero hours contracts are held by 16-24 year olds

Wages drop on average for men at 59 and women at 39

Young people have a 73% reoffending rate

Young people have a 8.4% chance of being a victim of violent crime, compared to 0.2% of over 75s

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