Echo Questions

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Match the Echo Questions to the statements.

टेक्स्ट से मिलान करें (क्लिक करें और खींचें)   


पाठ से मेल खाते हैं

I have just changed jobs.

They have just merged.

He came by public transport.

They used to be located in Cleveland.

The weather has been awful back home.

It's my first time in New York.

You shouldn't go to the opening keynote.

I could introduce you if you want.

I haven't met any interesting people yet.

We love to go hiking in the mountains.

क्लिक करें और खींचें

Did he?

Have you?

Have they?

Could you?

Did they?

Has it?

Shouldn't I?

Is it?

Do you?

Haven't you?