criminal procedure law article 330 Concept Review 8 *quick/matching questions

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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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CPL 330.10. What must the court do immediately after a verdict of complete acquittal?

CPL 330.20. An examination order orders a defendant to submit a psychiatric examination for up to initial period of up to_____days.

CPL 330.20. A first retention order is for maximum period of______.

CPL 330.20. Second retention order and subsequent retention order are up to a maximum period _____.

CPL 330.20. An order of conditions is valid for.____Years and can be extended for an additional____years.

CPL 330.25. a case where defendant is a juvenile offender and verdict is guilty, may upon motion be removed to the Family Court, except where found guilty of____.

CPL 330.20. Dangerous mental disorder means that defendant is mentally ill and____.

CPL 330.20. A commitment order is for a period of ______.

क्लिक करें और खींचें

is a risk to himself and others.

the court must immediately discharge the defendant if he is in the custody of Sheriff, or if he is on bail, exonerate his bail.

Murder in second-degree


6 months.

1 year

5… 5

2 years