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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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requires the attendance of a person to give testimony

requires production of books, papers, and other things

to compel attendance of the person in a penitentiary motion for subpoena shall be made on___ ______notice.

a subpoena shall be serving the same manner as a__________.

subpoena the hospital record shall be served at least__ ______ before production of records.

a subpoena for library or department records must be served at least___ ______ before time fixed for production of records.

CPLR 2302. a child-support subpoena may be issued by *list 4:

CPLR 2305. A subpoena deuces tecum requires the production of ___________ __ ____________.

CPLR 2305. True/false? A subpoena deuces taken requires reduction of books and or records.

CPLR 2303. A subpoena shall be served in the same manner as a__________.

CPLR 2303. True/false? A child support subpoena may be served by regular mail.

CPLR 2303. true/false? After subpoena to serve, proof of service must be filed

CPLR 230 3 and CPLR 8001. one day's attendance fee (subpoena fee) is $__.__.

CPLR 2304. A motion to quash or modify child support subpoena (section 11-P of the social services law) may be made to a Supreme Court judge or ________ ____________ ___________.

CPLR 2306. A subpoena for books, papers, etc. from a library, city department, or state must be served at least__ ____aforetime stated for production of records.

CPLR 2308. Three penalties for disobedience of a judicial subpoena are: ________________________________________________.

CPLR 2308. True/false? Failure to comply with itself for subpoena may result in penalty of up to $50 imposed by the social services department or district.

CPLR 2008. Witness who refuses to answer questions may be jailed for a period of:______________________________________.

CPR 2308. to compel compliance with a nonjudicial subpoena not returnable in accord, motion may be made in_________ court.

CPLR 2309. A clerk is authorized to administer an oath to________.

CPLR 2301. a subpoena for records is called a ________ ______ _____________.

CPLR 2302. A subpoena may be issued WITHOUT a court order by: *(list of seven)

CPLR 2302. To compel attendance of the person confined in a penitentiary, a_______ subpoena is required. (The court order or subpoena shall be made on at least___ _______ ______ to the person having custody of the record, document a person confined).

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Subpoena duces tecum



3 days


24 hours

subpoena deuces tecum

Judicial… One day's notice


1 day

Records or things.

Family Court judge



1. Department of Social Services district 2. Child-support enforcement unit coordinator of social services district (or designee),3. Support collection unit supervisor of a social services district (or designee), 4. In other states child support enforcement agency covered by IV-D of the social services law.

1. If witness is a party, court may strike pleadings 2. up to $150 costs, and 3. Damages sustained by reason of failure to comply.

24 hours

1. Clerk of the court 2. A judge (where there is no clerk) 3. The Atty. Gen. 4. Attorney of record for party to an action, administrative proceeding or arbitration 5. An arbitrator 6. A referee 7. Member of a board, commission, or committee, authorized by law.

90 days -*(person may be jailed and then brought before court at periodic intervals not more than 90 days until he complies or is otherwise discharged.)




false. Proof of service does not have to be filed in all cases.