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    Ronel 2 years ago

    Can you add Afrikaans as a language. And also change the categories to the Afrikaans language. I can provide it to you.

  • Topgrade 2 years ago

    Hi Ronel, thank you for getting in contact. Yes, we'd be very happy to translate the website into Afrikaans! The website is suprisingly big in terms of the number of words and phrases it contains (about 1200 pieces of text). So what we've done with other languages is use machine translation to translate the original English into the desired language. 

    If you send us an email to [email protected] we'll be able to share a document with the English translation down one side and the machine translated Afrikaans down the other side. If you wanted you could then change the Afrikaans category names to what you think would be most appropriate. Thanks! The Topgrade Team.

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