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    Alison Edmonds 3 months ago

    Hello TopgrAde

    I am delivering live-streamed activity through videocalls to class groups in many different primary schools. All the children from the schools will work together. I'd like to run quizzes and surveys for these children. Not all schools have enough tech to give each child a tablet/device.  They may have one tablet between 5 or 6 children.  Mobile phones are not an option for this age group.

    With this in mind, can the quizzes accept multiple responses?  For example, if a team of five children have one tablet, can they pass this between them and each enter their own response on the same tablet?  (It's too complicated to have multiple browsers open.)  In practice, this would be the first child entering question 1 response, then passing it to the next child to answer their question 1 response, and so on. (We do not want the first child to complete the whole quiz first before passing to the next child.)

    Many thanks.


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