Importing Quizzes

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    Eguidinetti 1 month ago

    Is there a way to import an entire quiz? I have many quizzes that I either typed up or have as study guides. I would like to import them and not have to type or copy/paste each question & answer one at a time. This would be so useful and I would definately use this more if I was able to that. Creating quizzes using the current methos is very time consuming.

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    Topgrade 1 month ago

    Hi, thank you for getting in contact. Learners often find that creating the quizzes also helps them learn, but admittedly if you're a teacher that's little use if you're making them. If so, you could get your students to make the quizzes as a learning exercise. You can also import quizzes from a spreadsheet file (e.g., Excel) via creating a quiz on the website and selecting the yellow 'Import/Export' button. The Excel file needs to be in a specific format in order to import the quiz (clicking the 'Import/Export' button gives more info). I hope you find Topgrade useful. Best wishes, The Topgrade Team.

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