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    Eguidinetti 1 year ago

    Is there a way to import an entire quiz? I have many quizzes that I either typed up or have as study guides. I would like to import them and not have to type or copy/paste each question & answer one at a time. This would be so useful and I would definately use this more if I was able to that. Creating quizzes using the current methos is very time consuming.

  • Topgrade 1 year ago

    Hi, thank you for getting in contact. Learners often find that creating the quizzes also helps them learn, but admittedly if you're a teacher that's little use if you're making them. If so, you could get your students to make the quizzes as a learning exercise. You can also import quizzes from a spreadsheet file (e.g., Excel) via creating a quiz on the website and selecting the yellow 'Import/Export' button. The Excel file needs to be in a specific format in order to import the quiz (clicking the 'Import/Export' button gives more info). I hope you find Topgrade useful. Best wishes, The Topgrade Team.

  • T
    Theseeker 9 months ago

    perhaps, and I'm just wondering here, a simple "duplicate quiz" tool would solve his problem and save me/him lots of time for reviewing the subjects

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    Robert 7 months ago

    I have used other study/quiz/test applications, and a lot of them allow you to import spreadsheet/databse via the following methods: 1) If your database is already stored on the device in which the application is running, it allows you to 'send to' option, and choose the application you wish the database to be uploaded. If the database is stored on another device or PC, as long as you have the option to transfer the database to the device in which the application is running, the application allows to import that database. Topgrade should have the option to import/accept data from other sources, for example; if on an iPhone you have a xls spreadsheet formatted to the specifications of Topgrade, Topgrade should be avaiable to be an option to send and import it. It should not have to be done through the Topgrade site, which I believe is combersome, and unnecessary. 

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