How to reveal answers at conclusion of quiz

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    Hubindustrial 1 year ago

    Is there a setting that will display all the answers and notes at the conclusion of the quiz? The default seems to be that you can see the correct answer if you get it wrong if you click the appropriate button before proceeding to the next question. You won't see any notes added by the quiz designer unless you click that button, either. 

    If you move on to the next question, there does not appear to be any way to go back and review the correct answers; instead you see statistics for how many questions you answered correctly, incorrectly and how many were skipped. 

  • Topgrade 1 year ago

    Hi, there isn't currently a setting to display all the answers and explanations at the end of the quiz but thanks for this suggestion too. I've also added your suggestion of showing the explanation even if the user gets the question correct to our new features list. Thanks again, Nick

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    BrianSilvestri 1 month ago

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