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    Portlandtn 1 year ago

    Is it possible to change the timer of all questions in a quiz? I have set all of mine to 1 minute, without realzing it. I don't want the questions timed at all, to be honest. Is it possible to change them all at once, or disable the timer?

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    Portlandtn 1 year ago

    I found a workaround. For those curious, I have premium, so I was able to export all of my existing quizes, reformat and reset the number of seconds on the export sheet. Then, I created a new quiz for each one and re-imported the existing questions.

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    Theseeker 1 year ago

    you've found a clever solution, however, it'd be much simpler if we had an option to edit the timer applying it for the entire quiz. it shouldn't be that difficult

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    Phoebe 1 year ago

    Well, I just joined today and not being able to easily change the time IS A DEAL BREAKER.  I came here because I have 50 matches to do and  1 minutes timing is RIDICULOUS.  I don't want any timing.  DAMN.

  • Topgrade 1 year ago
    Hi Phoebe

    Thank you for getting in contact.

    You can edit the time by clicking the 'Edit' button next to a question (or setting the time you want when creating a new question).
    The maximum the website currently is setup to take is 20 mins per question.
    The timer is per question, there is no timer on the time taken for the quiz as a whole.

    All the best for your studies / question creation.
    Many thanks

    The Topgrade Team

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