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    Anthony Hinkle 1 year ago

    I have upgraded to premium and have made a 25 multiple choice questions quiz but when I share the link even to my phone I can only get 4 questions not the full 25. I can only get all the questions made on the iPad the I made them on. Please help, thanks

  • Topgrade 1 year ago

    Hi Anthony - thank you for getting in contact.

    We've just checked your online Topgrade account and it looks like your online account currently has 1 quiz in it with 4 questions.


    If you have more questions on your iPad you'll need to upload the questions from your iPad to the online site.

    This will replace the quiz on the website (if it is the same quiz) with the quiz from your iPad.


    You can then download the quiz from the online site to your phone which will replace the quiz on your phone (it you've already downloaded the older version).


    Please be careful to upload from your iPad to the website, not download, as downloading will save over the version on your iPad with the version on the online site.

    A warning message will appear in the app telling you if you are going to replace an online/in-app version of a quiz with a different version.


    To upload a quiz from the iPad click the 'Online' tab and select the 'Upload' button then the quiz you want to upload.


    If you have any other questions or feedback please let us know.


    Best regards

    The Topgrade Team

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    Francoischiro 1 year ago


    i have the same problem I have 32 questions on the iPad and only nine on the website even if I upload the 32 questions from the iPad, there is still only 9 questions on the website nothing change. The title of the quiz is exactly the same on the iPad and on the website the name is "anatomie du rachis - myo". Can u help please ?

  • Topgrade 1 year ago

    Hi Francoischiro,

    Thank you for getting in contact. Have you been able to upload your quiz since your message?

    We can see you have several quizzes on the website. One quiz is called 'Anatomie du rachis - Myologie (diaphragme)' which has 35 questions, is this the one you're wanting to upload? If so it looks like it has now uploaded.

    If not can you tell us what happens when you try to upload do you get an error message or anything like that?

    Many thanks
    The Topgrade Team

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    Berkriffin 1 week ago

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