A note on pricing model

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    Robert shoults 10 months ago

    As an educator,  I'm not going to require my students to purchase a professional version just so they can download my quizzes. 

  • Topgrade 10 months ago

    Hi Robert

    Thank you for getting in contact.
    We allow anyone to create and play quizzes, flashcards and surveys for free. You can also share quizzes for free on our website. There is a small fee for certain Pro features (such as upload and download quizzes to our mobile apps).

    This is to cover our running costs and fund future maintenance and development of the Topgrade system.
    However, if you register an 'organisation account' you can upgrade that account and add student accounts to that same umbrella account.
    That way only the organisation account pays and everyone will receive pro benefits (free for students). 
    To create a business account select 'organisation account' on the register screen. 

    Many thanks
    The Topgrade Team

  • S
    Sdriever 3 months ago

    Once a quiz is downloaded from the web version into the app, is it available to me to use after in the app after I discontinue the premium account membership?

  • U
    User535185930 3 hours ago

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