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0 [{"id":524513,"quiz_id":"26551","answer_id":null,"answerType_id":"0","created_at":"2018-08-12 15:08:23","updated_at":"2018-08-13 16:27:37","questionName":"Where are you allowed to park, with parking lanes to either side of the carriageway?\r\n","questionTimeSeconds":"0","questionTimeMinutes":"1","questionImagePath":null,"position":16,"explanation":"Where parking lanes are available on both the left and the right hand side of the carriageway, it is permitted to park on BOTH sides of the road. Case in point: use off-street parking areas, bays or lanes marked out with white lines on the road as parking places, wherever possible. Parking is preferable in the direction in which the traffic is moving as this will facilitate pulling off and joining the flow again.\r\n","question_score_id":null,"lang":"","questionAudioPath":null},{"id":524512,"quiz_id":"26551","answer_id":null,"answerType_id":"0","created_at":"2018-08-12 15:05:05","updated_at":"2018-08-13 16:27:37","questionName":"Does this sign apply to both sides of the road?\r\n","questionTimeSeconds":"0","questionTimeMinutes":"1","questionImagePath":"uploads\/wait-and-park\/Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 17.04.53.png","position":15,"explanation":"This sign (E1) only applies to the side of the road where placed. Remember that this restriction applies at any time to the whole width of the road, including paths and verges. Case in point: sometimes signs may have the word \"zone\" on top; in that case the sign applies to the entire area referred to as zone. There are two types of signs: operational and supplementary. The above mentioned sign is known as an operational sign.\r\n","question_score_id":null,"lang":"","questionAudioPath":null}]

Where are you allowed to park, with parking lanes to either side of the carriageway?

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