Family court act article 205 Concept Review 8 Quick/Matching questions.


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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

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rules 205.3. Every proceeding is assigned to a judge (THE ASSIGNED JUDGE) upon filing with the court of the _________ _____________ of the case.

rules 205.7. Support docket numbers shall have the prefix ___.

rules 205.8. Generally all papers for signature or judge's consideration must be presented to the____at the appropriate courtroom or office.

rules 205.10. Notice of appearance must be filed by attorney no later than first court appearance or no later than____days after appointment or retainer, whichever is sooner.

rules 205.15. Generally proposed orders with proof of service must be submitted for judge's signature within__ days after signing and filing of order directing that order be settled and submitted.

rules 205.17. In following proceedings, first court order amending child into foster care must contain a date for the initial permanency hearing (FCA 10-A) which must not be later than____months from date of removal of child from home. A. Proceeding amending child the foster care, direct placement with relative or other suitable person (FCA 10), or B. Approving a voluntary placement (358-a of social services law).

rules 205.65. When a PINS absconds from the facility, written notice by facility to clerk of court must be given within 48 hours. Upon receipt, click shop place proceeding on court calendar no later than _______ _______ ________.

rules 205.74. court may order suspended judgment or OP in a family offense proceeding. Order restitution cannot exceed $__,_____.

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8 months

first document


next court date.

10 days

30 days