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 How to clean up faster

House cleaning shouldn't take too long.

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    How to clean up faster

    House cleaning shouldn't take too long. I am sure that each of you will find something more pleasant and interesting for yourself. However, you should not neglect the maintenance of cleanliness, since dust in the corners and mountains of dishes in the sink cannot be justified by the concept of "creative mess". To make regular cleaning of the apartment faster, take the following tips into service.

    Do the right cleaning

    The main rule of cleaning: moving from top to bottom. It must always be followed. No matter how carefully you collect the crumbs on the table, they will still fall on the floor. Even wet cleaning of various surfaces should be carried out before you start washing the floor.

    Another important aspect is to develop the most efficient route. Try to follow it every time so as not to miss anything and not to return again to the missed sections. If you are already tired of cleaning, then you can turn to professionals from, who will clean it very effectively using natural products. It will be beneficial for you and your family and you won't have to follow specific cleaning rules. It's so tiring sometimes but if you leave it to the pros you can rest.

    Define intervals
    Many people clean the entire apartment at once on the same day of the week. But this is not the most efficient way. In fact, different areas are polluted at different rates. Try creating a cleaning calendar by zone, with intervals of varying lengths for each. Use reminder apps like DGT GTD or others.
    Adjust the intervals depending on the season and in special cases (for example, if relatives come to visit you).

    Use the right fabrics
    Do not use rags or gauze as dusting rags. It is better to take special microfiber cloths. They do not leave behind fibers, do not roll or shed, absorb much more water and at the same time absorb less liquids into the fiber (which means faster rinsing) and dry quickly. They can (and should) be washed. But do not dry such rags on the radiator.

    Wash dishes right away
    Think again about buying a dishwasher. If this option does not suit you, then simplify the process of washing in the sink as much as possible.

    The advice is simple, but neglected by many, although it’s just the sink, overflowing with dried-up dirty dishes, that scares you. Immediately after the meal, washing several plates and glasses will take just a few minutes.

    If you are used to a long multi-course dinner accompanied by a leisurely conversation, then an additional life hack for you: before dinner, fill the sink with warm water with a small amount of detergent and put the used dishes right there so that they do not have time to dry out.

    Clean the stove last
    In the kitchen, the most dirty surface is usually the stove. When you start cleaning your kitchen, apply the cleaner to the stove and let it sit for a few minutes. At this time, start wiping the surface to the right of the stove and move clockwise around the kitchen. You can move in the opposite direction - this is not a strict rule. :) The main thing is that this way you can avoid unnecessary trips to the sink to rinse the rag.When you finally get back to the stove, removing even the toughest dirt will not require much effort. Especially if you do not neglect special cleaners for stoves: they are more aggressive than a regular detergent and remove dirt better. At the same time, due to the absence of abrasive particles, the stove cleaner does not damage the surface, unlike cleaners that contain soda. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from exposure to concentrated ingredients.

    Keep plumbing clean
    Metal surfaces in the bathroom get dirty extremely quickly, becoming covered with drops and splashes. This can be pretty depressing, given that you have to scrub off plaque and rust quite carefully. Therefore, try to prevent contamination of plumbing between cleanings. When taking a bath or washing children or pets, wipe down the faucets. Remove splashes of toothpaste immediately, while they are still easily washed off with water. Rinse the tub or shower with hot water after washing.

    Don't Forget the Bathroom Curtain
    The polyester shower curtain also needs to be washed. Perhaps you don't. Just wash it with any other items for which you use a program with not too hot water. One or two times a month will be enough. And do not forget to straighten it every time you take a shower to dry it and avoid the appearance of plaque and unpleasant odors.

    Get rid of extra bottles in the bathroom
    Take a critical look at your bathroom shelves.Do you really need that much money? Shower gels, bath foams, scrubs, shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks, lotions, tonics… When cleaning the bathroom, you have to rinse each of them and wipe the surface under them. Leave only those that you really use regularly. Buy products that combine several functions at once, such as shower gel + scrub or mask + conditioner. Those products that you use less than once a week, it is better to put them in lockers where less dust gets into.

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