Esthetics Chapter 05: Infection Control: Principles and Practices

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0 [{"id":447891,"quiz_id":"23011","answer_id":null,"answerType_id":"0","created_at":"2018-05-01 22:16:23","updated_at":"2018-05-01 22:16:52","questionName":"While receiving spa or salon services, all clients' health, safety, and welfare are protected by:","questionTimeSeconds":"0","questionTimeMinutes":"20","questionImagePath":null,"position":0,"explanation":"State regulatory agencies exist to protect salon and spa professionals and to protect consumers' health, safety, and welfare while they receive salon and spa services. State regulatory agencies include licensing agencies, state boards of cosmetology, commissions, and health departments. Regulatory agencies require that everyone working in a salon or spa follow specific procedures. Enforcement of the rules through inspections and investigations of consumer complaints is also a part of the agency's responsibility. An agency can issue penalties against both the salon owner and the esthetician's license.","question_score_id":null,"lang":"","questionAudioPath":null},{"id":447890,"quiz_id":"23011","answer_id":null,"answerType_id":"0","created_at":"2018-05-01 21:52:28","updated_at":"2018-05-01 22:16:52","questionName":"MSDS stands for which of the following?","questionTimeSeconds":"0","questionTimeMinutes":"20","questionImagePath":"uploads\/infection-control-1\/msds-information-inside-notice-label-lb-2310[1].png","position":1,"explanation":"The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created as part of the U.S. Department of Labor to regulate and enforce safety and health standards to protect employees in the workplace. Regulating employee exposure to potentially toxic substances and informing employees about the possible hazards of materials used in the workplace are key points of the Occupational Safety and health Act of 1970. This regulation created the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), which required that chemical manufacturers and importers assess and communicate the potential hazards associated with their products. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a result of the HCS.","question_score_id":null,"lang":"","questionAudioPath":null}]

While receiving spa or salon services, all clients' health, safety, and welfare are protected by:

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