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CPL 30.10. Exceptions to (S/L)periods. the statute of limitation periods are extended as follows: *match the offenses to their appropriate statute of limitation extensions.

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larceny in violation of a fiduciary duty

misconduct in public office

article 71, title 27 of environmental conservation law

misdemeanor (tax law), or NYC administrative code (chapter 46)

sexual misconduct against child (130.80 PL) second-degree

sexual conduct against the child (130.80 PL) first-degree

certain sexual offenses against the child

felony (penal law 490: terrorism)

In calculating exceptions to these S/L periods, the following periods shall NOT be included:

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within 5 years of most recent sexual conduct

NO statute of limitations

within 3 years after commission

during term of office or within 5 years after end of service, but no more than 5 years beyond statute of limitation period for that offense

within 4 years of discovery

1. Period after fence during which defendant was outside NYS, or 2. Whereabouts of defendant are unknown. In both cases S/L shall NOT be extended by more than 5 years beyond statute of limitation for that offense.

within 8 years after commencement or-at any time, if felony created a foreseeable risk of death or injury

does not begin to run until child's reached 18 or offenses is reported the law enforcement agency or statewide Central register of child abuse and maltreatment, whichever occurs earlier

within 1 year of discovery