Business Communication Exam 3 Pt. 3

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Match the text


Line Chart

Organization Chart


Pie Chart

Scatter Diagram

Surface Chart



Time Line Chart

Visual Symbolism

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a ?key? that helps readers decode a visual by explaining what various color, symbols, or other design choices mean

chart that shows how much time is newded to complete each task in project

chart that plots discrete data points, with one variable along the x (horizontal) axis and another along the y (vertical) axis

A systematic arrangment of data in columns and rows

Circular chart that shows how the parts of a whole are distributed

the connotative meaning of visuals

Diagram that illustrates the positions, units, or functions of an organization and their relationship

chart that portrays data as symbols instead of words and numbers

Form of the line chart with a cumulative effect, all the lines add up to the top line, wich represents the total

A systematic arrangment of data in columns and rows