Family Court Act Article 8 Concept Review *Matching/Quick Questions - 19 total questions.


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Match the terms to their appropriate definitions.

Ταίριασμα του κειμένου (κλικ και σύρετε)   


Ταίριασμα του κειμένου

FCA 814 and 814-a. ___ _______________ _ __ _______ shall issue rules regarding concurrent jurisdiction, and uniform forms.

FCA 818. True/False? Venue of a family offense proceeding is count where acts occured, or county where family or household or any party resides. Residence shall include a residential program for victims of domestic violence, as defined in subdivision 9-a of the social services law , or a shelter for the homeless.

FCA 823. Probation service may attempt to adjust a case for 2 months . Judge may extend for 2 additional periods of ____ days each.

FCA 826. A certificate of warrant issued by the clerk of the court in lieu of actual warrant expires _______ days from the date of issue and can be renewed from time to time by the clerk of the court.

FCA 834. Evidence at fact-finding hearing must be _________, _____________, ____ ____________.

FCA 834. Evidence and dispositional hearing must be______________.

FCA 822.*Memorize parties who can originate proceeding.

FCA 826. Family offense summons and petition must be serve at least____hours before time stated for appearance.

FCA 832. Fact-finding determination shall be based on____ _________ __ ____ _____________.

FCA 838. True/false? Petitioner, and not the respondent is entitled to a non-witness friend to be present in the courtroom. However, if the court finds it undesirable, the court may exclude such person.

FCA 841. Restitution in a family offense proceeding can be up to $_______.

FCA 842. an order of protection (family fence) can be for maximum of __ years, if there are aggravating circumstances.

FCA 846-a. Upon willful failure to obey a family offense court order maximum jail time is____months.

FCA 812. The FC and criminal court have_______ jurisdiction over family offenses.

FCA 812. true/false? To be considered members of the same family or household, persons who have a child in common must have lived together at some time.

FCA 813. if a petitioner has a restart a family offense proceeding, the petitioner needs FC approval to start a criminal action.

FCA 818. Venue of a family offense proceeding is___________________________________________________________.

FCA 821. True/false? When the Family Court is not in session, and arrest or initial appearance of a respondent may be in a criminal court.

FCA 821-a. ___ ______________ ____ _______________in a family offense proceeding have right to free counsel is indigent.

Κάντε κλικ και σύρετε


6 months

Proceeding is originated by filing a petition which must contain: 1. An allegation that the respondent committed one of the felony offenses (FCA 812), and 2. Relationship of alleged offender to petitioner, and 3. Name of each child and household and relationship to petitioner and respondent, and 4. Request for O/P or courts conciliation procedures, and 5. Allegations as to whether accusatory instrument relating to same acts has been verified, and appended to petition provided to petitioner must be notice -FCA 812: rights of domestic violence victim. When FC is not in session, and arrest an initial appearance of respondent may be in a criminal court.

The petitioner and respondent

60 days

False. The petitioner AND respondent (if not represented by counsel) are entitled to a non-witness friend in the courtroom.

90 days



County were acts occurred, over family or household or any other party resides.


false. Two have considered members of the same family or household, persons who have a child in common DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE LIVED TOGETHER at some time.

5 years

material and relevant.

fair preponderance of the evidence.


material, relevant, and competent.

The Chief Administrator of the Courts

24 hours