Criminal Law Final


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Criminal Law Final

Ταίριασμα του κειμένου (κλικ και σύρετε)   


Ταίριασμα του κειμένου

Common law arson

Modern law arson


Common law burglary

Modern burglary

Constructive entry

Sleep test

Lawful forced entry

Unlawful forced entry

Joy riding

Petty theft

Grand theft


Misappropriation of funds


Crime of false pretenses

Charged as a burglar/receiver

Constructive possession

Black mail




Income tax evasion

Tax evasion

Tax avoidance

Insider trading

Turning (pump and dump)

Misbranding in the sale of adulterated goods

Sherman Act

Clayton Act

Criminal registration

Drunken driving

Gun registration


Mann Act (White Slave Act)



In NJ it is not illegal to have a poker game

To distribute a controlled dangerous substance




Native Americans in Utah

Dram shop act

Obstruction of Justice

Witness tampering

Contempt in court - Criminal:

Contempt in court - Civil

Κάντε κλικ και σύρετε

When a person shows of their genitals in a public place to unwanted persons

dwelling house or outside buildings

= when an animal or object is used to see if there is an alarm in the building

oxi cotton

Prevents restraint of trade

Put into commerce

NJ is strict and you must possess a permit to own a firearm.

The actual signing of someone else’s name

signing someone else’s name or representing yourself as someone else to receive something unlawfully

is getting the customer for the prostitute

Obligation of the bartender/server to stop serving a person if they are to intoxicated. If a third person is harmed, the bar can get sued.

has to be committed strictly during the night.

= used by some states to determine if the building is used to sleep in

Putting money into your account that belonged to someone else.

Threaten a witness or jury tampering

Do have to prove

Hiding, harboring or getting rid of evidence.

until someone decides to cut the pot.

can be committed day or night

Can use peyote for religious purposes

knowledge prior to anyone else and use that to one’s advantage to buy or sell a stock.

Cocaine, meth

is getting the prostitute to work for the pimp

over $200 – can be a 4th degree crime up to a 2nd degree crime

= Stock broker benefits by convincing a person to sell a stock and other person to buy the same stock.

never intended to not return the vehicle

Illegal – owe taxes and refuse to pay

The use bodily harm to get what they want

you divert money where you were not suppose too.

Most common white collar crime

Standard for the US is .08% = 3 beers for 185 lbs. male

Do NOT have to prove

taking the property of somebody else WITHOUT the intent of giving it back

dwelling house

= unlawful entry to a dwelling or a building with intent to take something

Qualudes, xanxex, valium

You can only be charged for one, NOT both

Threaten to use documents publicly if the person does not get what they want.

You must have a description

Prevents unfair competition

Disrespect towards the judge

Federal Act, interstate transportation of prostitution

labeling of a product that claims something under false pretense.

under $200 – disorderly person’s offense

Failure to pay fine

Drugs are found under a sit in a vehicle, and no one admits to owning the drugs, everyone in the vehicle gets charged.